Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OSDD released    New data base  SyncDB

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The Following Are Guidelines for Making Entry into the SyncDB

  1. Author name is automatic and reflects one's login name
  2. E-mail where the confirmation for the entry is to be posted should be entered in the e-mail box
  3. Institution can be selected from the drop down list and if not present in the list "other" can be selected
  4. Preferably the IUPAC name of the compound may be entered though it is not mandatory
  5. Organic or Inorganic may be specified. Further classification such as heterocycle (may be further to quinazoline, quinoline, indole, pyrazole, isoxazole), acyclic, alicyclic, aromatics for organic compounds and metal chelates for inorganic may be entered in the blank space
  6. Whether the structure of the compound is reported or it is new should be specified. If reported the Patent or publication of the corresponding URL may be provided for ready reference
  7. Compound can be entered in two ways. Either it may be loaded as sdf or mol file or it may be drawn in the Java applet. Compound number will be generated only if the compound is new in the database. If a structure is already present in the database which was entered by some other institute or researcher then the duplicate structure cannot be entered
  8. Preferably compounds with more than 90% purity should be submitted
  9. It is mandatory to enter the HPLC data and HPLC spectra for the organic compounds. The required fields are provided. This is considered essential for ensuring the purity of the compound. Additionally in case the compound is found active in the preliminary screening and a resubmission is required this will be used as one of the parameters for confirming the purity attributes of other batches. The HPLC data of a submitted compound should be relatively new (recorded recently)
  10. 1H and 13C NMR of the compound have to be uploaded. This can be in the form of PDF or JPEG or TIFF format
  11. The mass spectra of compounds can be uploaded in the form of PDF, JPEG or TIFF format. It is mandatory and the molecular ion peak of the compound can be entered into the provided space
  12. Solubility of the compound should be mentioned
  13. If an old/ known compound is submitted which has been investigated for any kind of biological property earlier, the activity data for the same should be provided
  14. If the synthesis of compound is a structure-based design then the preferable biochemical target may be indicated
  15. Any other information concerning molecule which is not included above may be provided in the remarks column
  16. The software works nicely on all the web browsers