Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OSDD – Awakening a Scientific Revolution
                                                                   Dr Prita Anil

Though the M. tuberculosis genome was sequenced more than a decade back, much scientific progress have not been accounted for, to find a cure for the ancient but deadly disease. At a juncture when practically there is no ongoing research for an anti-tubercular drug and multi-national pharma companies have dropped such R&D from their schema, CSIR, India has taken up this Herculean yet noble task, by creating a collaborative, co-operative, community-centered platform called OSDD of which I am also a proud member.
The saying “great things are done by a series of small things brought together”  holds true in case of this open forum where work is contributed in the form of numerous online projects by a variety of people from all walks and class of life. So great has been the endurance of the community that an incredible achievement is on the way as more and more have risen up to the challenge.
What sets us apart from other species is that we humans are driven by ambition. It gives me immense satisfaction to see that OSDD has succeeded in awakening the hitherto latent ambition and scientific temperament in the students of present day by giving them access to first hand scientific research.
This noble mission with a difference is here to stay and the world over has started taking notice of this self-sustaining innovative model of open source research.  
In the true spirit of science and in the undying quest of knowledge there is nothing more a researcher can ask for –

 “come join the national mission” - be a proud Indian, be an OSDDian
   prita anil