Thursday, August 11, 2011

Now in my career and research I feel  I am not alone

Swati Gandhi

In India   every higher educated girl is facing  some difficulty of choosing the direction after  her studies.
One road taking to the job where  she have to work out of field
Another road leads her to the academic career, go and teach the half and shallow knowledge.
Third road leads her to the social life where she  have to dump her  career and have to get settle with family 
Last road was leading her  to progress with research. 
I thought of opting the fourth option of rising and growing with research.
My selection was research and learning. 
to continue my passion in science .
I  passed few months thinking of what to do 
and praying to God
 to show me the correct place for my dream . 
 One day my friend called me and asked to meet in college to discuss
 some project .
I became very happy .
We met and he said that the
 is giving an opportunity to work 
and collaborative  research.
 I felt like  a rebirth, a kind  of relief .
My mom and dad sat beside me and gave me the hope . 
 I can do it.
  I   got an opportunity to use my knowledge 
For the noble cause of finding affordable drug for the
 As we are a middle class family .
to spend money for doing research 
was not at all possible 
 OSDD solved my problem as now I can work from 
anywhere and everywhere 
to learn and work ,
always  in  touch with my field
and chase my  beloved dreams.

Gradually , 
I got a chance to interact with many people
 who are contributing their knowledge  to OSDD .
Many of them are managing it with their daily jobs 
may be a scientist 
may be a college  professor 
may be a house wife
may be  a researcher .
To my surprise
the best thing 
which fascinated me about OSDD 
 that they are (now  we are ) not asking for our qualifications
but only our knowledge ,
our devotion ,
our dedication,
our willingness
 to serve the humanity.
I was devoting my whole day and night to bring out the best I could. 
This helped me to learn a lot & contribute to the 
collaborative  research  world  .
Apart from learning the subject ,it helped me to nurture my qualities by giving me the challenges like finishing a given task on time, 
working with the team, managing the groups, validating, curating

 There were times when my internet was in trouble  my system was with low resources
 low speed ,
low bandwidth.
 But my passion never got low.
 I was trying hard to manage it
My group
Helped me to overcome it
to finish the things up. 
The fellow mates and all my friends were with me always, I got the time to recover and again I got back to work.
 Super computing is the award & reward osddians got , as to experience the supercomputing facility was  like a dream.
Feeling lucky for getting great experience of it.
I am very thankful
 the one who initiated the idea of open sourcing.
It is really like a boon to me and will always keep working on it and going to contribute to the best I can in all my life.