Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Give us molecules, We will give you drug."

                                                       Dr. Tushar Kanti Chakraborty
OSDDChem formally started functioning from April 2012.
 It is heartening to see that within short span of six months this program is already becoming popular with the real “MSME”s of Indian Universities/Educational Institutions. More than 48 projects with nearly 1505 molecules have been submitted so far.

 Looking at the list of the institutes from where these projects have been submitted, I feel a great sense of closeness with real "Bharat". This was our dream when we conceived this OSDDChem initiative. CSIR, from the very beginning, has always provided research support to small university faculties who were otherwise afraid to approach big funding agencies.


 Prof. CNR Rao

 started his research career 

with Rs.3000 research grant from CSIR.



OSDDChem will rewrite the way drug can be discovered in the country where the stakeholders will be unsung researchers from universities/institutes across the country. 

Echoing the famous call of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, let us say....."give us molecules, we will give you drug." 

The number is increasing, slowly but steadily. Do not let go this golden opportunity; walk an extra mile to realize your dream

We will be there with you extending our helping hand to do whatever is needed to be done to realize your dream.

……..drops become dribble, dribbles a trickle, trickles a rivulet, rivulets run to a river, rivers to ocean……………


Dr. Tushar Kanti Chakraborty

Central Drug Research Institute
Lucknow 226 001