Saturday, February 4, 2012

We have made big steps, but still have miles to go ahead

OSDD has marched a good way ahead since its inception. 
We have candidate molecules to target Mycobacterium. 
Our genomic and cheminformatic phases have produced definitely positive results and our synthetic organic chemists are earnestly into their work. 

Dr.Bal Ganesh, who quit covetable position with AstraZeneca and joined OSDD movement, says that still we can hope for a real and better drug molecule to come out only by 2020. 
This is despite the strenuous efforts the scientific community has made so far.
Also commented that disease is sometimes better than medicine. 

This simply point to the long and harsh schedule of first line drugs and still longer and harsher schedule of second line drugs and the quarantine required for TB. 
Now there are reports of Totally Drug Resistant TB from our country, even though not yet confirmed. 

So the task ahead is not at all easy. Only by putting in our mind and soul completely into the problem, we can hope for better. 
Keep our labs, lights and minds switched on till we reach there. And we genuinely hope we will pass the milestone well before 2020. 

Dr Prasad M Alex